3D Panel Machine



ShunDa Machinery Company manufactures the best quality 3D panel machine and EPS machine.   
3D panel is produced by 3d panel machine, which is very popular in some countries. 
So we researched 3d panel machine and eps machine related products. 3D Panel Machine is the main machine of the 3D Panel Production Line, which controlled by PLC system, touch screen as operation surface, step motor as drive. 

● The Welding Machine welds the horizontal and vertical wires to form a steel wire mesh. Mesh Width: 1200mm, Grid size: 50 x 50mm or 50 x 100mm;
●  PLC control system to automatically straightens, welds and cuts the steel wire;
●  Both mechanical transmission system and integrated pneumatic system are available to ensure that the operation is stable, high reliability and long life span of the equipment;
●  The horizontal steel wires use the integrated straightening and cutting system to ensure stable operation and high accuracy;
●  The Automatic Alarm Device is easy to operate and maintenance;
●  Will automatically cut the steel wire mesh according the pre-set mesh length.