• <b>Russia Customer Visiting For 3D Panel Machine</b>

    Russia Customer Visiting For 3D Panel Machine

    Customer from Russia, who built villa and housing together. He worked for this fild for 5 years. This time we will have a good cooperation with 3D panel machine. Our company provide machine, product and construction guidance....

  • <b>Bless Of Chinese Spring Festival</b>

    Bless Of Chinese Spring Festival

    Hey guys Happy new year Wish you perfect health catch what you want And become the person who you like All fortunes will be with you together Attention: Our holiday is from 1st to 12th February, but I will be always available. Any help you need, just...

  • <b>Building materials (EPS//Gypsum board/block) production line</b>

    Building materials (EPS//Gypsum board/block) production line

    According to the performance of building decoration materials production line, the main introduction is as follows:eps foam production,EPS block moulding machine,3d wall panel machine,Gypsum board making machine and so on....

  • <b>Loading shipment of EPS Block Machine with 3D Panel Machine</b>

    Loading shipment of EPS Block Machine with 3D Panel Machine

    Colobia customer who bought 6m EPS block machine, 3D panel machine and sandwich panel machine. Within 75 days, we finished production and loading. He is majored in construction. Got government project, using 3d panel and sandwich panel for wall....