What is the EPS machinery?

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     You've probably seen a lot of Styrofoam, but do you know how it's formed? EPS molding machine can process all kinds of bubbles, read this article, you will know what EPS machines are.
     The EPS machine is also divided into intermittent preset and continuous preset. And the automatic shape molding machine is divided into series automatic shape molding machine, automatic shape molding machine series, energy saving high efficient automatic shape molding machine, automatic forming a variety of models, mainly used in manufacturing electric foam packaging, fruit foam box, vegetables foam box, bubble chamber of aquatic products and various types of packaging products, USES a very wide range. The method of the Styrofoam molding machine is to put the raw material into the material, and the raw material is foamed by steam or electric heating. Then the foaming material is transported into the plastic molding machine and molded products. Finally, the product is cut or dried, and the products of the EPS machine are sent to the cutting machine or sent to the drying system.