Gypsum Board Making Machine



       Specializes in manufacturing paper-faced Gypsum Board Production Line and relative spare parts, and proceed the customized design based on customers’ requirements like quality,quantity,raw materials and so on.
       The Gypsum Board Production Line includes hot oil type and direct burning type, the capacity is from 2million square meters per year to 30million square meters per year, ajusted by customers' request.Our production line consists of the parts below:
1.Paper supplying system of plaster board production line

       It adopts special pneumatic shaft and magnetic powder brake. The high accuracy paper connecting way and high precision electro hydraulic alignment device, along with the automatic marking device played very big roles for shaping, and ensured the good appearance quality.
2.Gypsum powder supply system of plasterboard production line 
       Gypsum Board Production Line takes the exclusive impeller feeder and high precision weighing belt as the core of powder feeding. Thus it ensured normal supply of the gypsum powder. Moreover, it contains series of powder additive storages, discharging and metering feeding systems; glass fiber cutting and its metering feeding systems.etc.

3.Water supply system of plasterboard production line                                                                                    
       It has the accurate screw measurement pump and visual liquid flow meter device which lead great convenience for operation.
4.Foaming system of plasterboard production line    
       It adopts high volume pressostat for gas supply, got screw metering pump and advanced foaming station. The foaming station adopts advanced dynamic and static combined foaming system which makes the foam uniformly enter into the mixer.Thus it has a key effect on improving product quality and testing products’ weight.
5.Forming System of plasterboard production line                                                                                          
       The vertical mixer and the pneumatic forming device are made of special wearable stainless steels which enhance the system’s wearable ability and prolonged its life span. The vertical mixer got pin type, none-pin type and other types to choose
6.Conveying System of plasterboard production line                                                                                      
       This system added the waste board dumping device which reduces the workers’ labor intensity and ensures the cleaness of workshop. 
7.Drying System of plasterboard production line               

8.Heating System of plasterboard production line   
9.Edge Cutting and Sealing System of plasterboard production line       
After turning over and folding the board, the system cuts the folded board and seals it together. The waste rawmaerial after cutting is chopped into powder, let this powder absorb slurry, then can be used as accelerator.
10.Dust removal system of plasterboard production line
This system uses the pulse blow bag dust collector, this kind of dust collector improves the dust removal effect, and makes it reach the environmental standard. In addition. 

1.The gypsum boards are advocated by the China as green building materials. Besides the natural gypsum, we also utilize our machines to recycle and reuse the gypsum produced by the high-polluting industries like chemical plants,power plants,etc., which highly improves the social living environment.
2. Our company adopts the dynamic foaming,hot-air drying and computer programming, which immensely improves the automation of production line.
The paper-faced gypsum board machines take the building gypsum as raw material that is mixed together with some moderate additives and fibers to make the board core which is covered by specially-made paper as a protection to finally produce the paper-faced gypsum boards out. For production of paper-faced gypsum boards, we our company adopts the hot-oil drying technology,the interactive drying technology ( heat-conducting oil and hot air) and complete hot-air technology to fully satisfy the demands from different customers. 

Full Service
1.We have a professional installation team, provide visiting installation and debugging service till the user can operate and manufacture eligible round nails
2.One year guarantee to keep machines in good repair, supply hardware for a long term
3.We have the responsibility for a long term technique and consultation service, and we will deal with different technique problems at any time.
4.Charge with consignment and interrelated imports and exports procedure.
5.Supply the address for different raw material or interrelated information for free.